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IP and Network configuration

Enable the SSH Server

In Raspian Jessie it should be activated allready. If not enable the SSH server by opening the raspi-config:

$ sudo raspi-config

In 8. Advanced Options you can activate SSH.

Static IP Address

Look up your gateway:

$ netstat -r -n

Find you IP address:

$ ifconfig


$ ip addr

Give the Raspberry Pi a static IP address. Open the interfaces file:

$ sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Add these lines after “face eth0 inet dhcp”:

   auto eth0:1
   iface eth0:1 inet static

Save and quit, ctl+o, Return, ctl+x.

Disable the DHCP-Client:
In Raspbian Wheezy:

$ sudo service dhcpcd stop
$ sudo update-rc.d -f dhcpcd remove

In Raspbian Jessie:

$ sudo service dhcpcd stop
$ sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd       

Restart ethernet:

$ sudo ifdown eth0:1
$ sudo ifup eth0:1

Or/and reboot:

$ sudo reboot

Login over SSH

One can login from your computer with:

$ ssh pi@

or with XWindows support:

$ ssh -XY pi@

PW: raspberry
Or install an VPN server: VNC