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 ===== Recover the Password ===== ===== Recover the Password =====
-Mount the SD card on your PC:\\ +Mount the SD card on your PC and edit "​passwd"​:\\ 
-  $ sudo nano ........... ​/etc/passwd+  $ sudo nano [your path] /etc/passwd 
 +It could look like that:\\ 
 + $ cd /​run/​media/​mycomputer/​2f840c69-cecb-4b10-87e4-01b9d28c231c/​etc/​ 
 + $ sudo nano passwd
 Find the line starting with "​pi":​\\ Find the line starting with "​pi":​\\
   pi:​x:​1000:​1000...   pi:​x:​1000:​1000...